An emerging city with few monuments, but because it is located in the southern foothills of the Alborz Mountains in the 98 Plateau, the snow-capped mountains are clearly visible in the urban area. The portraits of Nepal and the propaganda banners left over from the Iran-Iraq war, fluttering around the streets and mosque domes, constitute a unique picture of Iran.


population of Tehran

The population of Tehran is not crowded in terms of city size. There is no family planning policy at home. Therefore, each family usually has 2-3 children. The northern part of the city is a rich area. Many single-family houses are completely villa-level. With gardens and swimming pools. the streets are quiet and elegant; the south is a slum, and the pollution is heavier. The most striking feature is the crowds and the small shops on the street.


History of Tehran

Tehran has not been famous for many years. If you think that the capital must have been the ancient capital of history, then you are wrong. Iran’s oldest ancient capital is Isfahan in central Iran. The locations of the various dynasties of Iran (Persia) are different, such as the Great Bris, Shiraz has also been the ancient capital, so there are many monuments in these cities, but Tehran has no historical record because it was not In the ancient times, the city of Rey was not only wider in scope but also prosperous. Its radiance blocked the possibility of the rise of Tehran at that time. Tehran’s status and prosperity as a capital today is attributed to the first king of the Kachari Dynasty. When he came to Tehran, he left a good impression on the city, and added to the possible geographical, political and economic advantages of Tehran. He moved to Tehran in 1795 and because of that most of the historical buildings are from that dynasty.


Location of Tehran

Tehran is a city surrounded by mountains. Even in the midsummer, you can see the white snow on the top of the hill. The highest peak here is Damavand. The Damavand peak has snow all year round, and the peak is a conical crater. Throughout the year, the snow on the mountains melts and then flows down the mountain to the city. The Iranians have given many legends to the Damavand Peak. One of the stories mentions that Zoroastrian once lived at the foot of the Damavand Peak near the picturesque village of Asker. Many episodes of the Iranian people, who are almost household names, are also here.

May 29, 2020 - Fri
Tehran IR
Wind 2 m/s, NE
Pressure 763.57 mmHg
few clouds
Humidity 26%
Clouds 20%
Day Cond. Temp. Wind Humidity PressurePres.
fri may 29
34°C /30°C 2 m/s, S 22% 762.07 mmHg
sat may 30
36°C /28°C 2 m/s, NE 14% 756.81 mmHg
sun may 31
35°C /28°C 1 m/s, N 20% 759.06 mmHg
mon jun 1
35°C /27°C 1 m/s, NNW 15% 758.31 mmHg
tue jun 2
35°C /28°C 1 m/s, NNW 13% 756.06 mmHg

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