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Tochal Mountain with a height of more than 3700 meters is located at the Hillside of Alborz mountain range in the north of Tehran and has given a very beautiful view to the city of Tehran. Tochal snow-capped mountains are not only one of the natural attractions of Tehran, but also a fun and diverse complex for everyone who can have fun, exercise and entertainment in the pure climate of this region. Because the peak of this mountain is located next to a lake of ice, it is called Tochal, meaning basin and small lake.

History of Tochal Mountain

 Due to its pleasant, clean and greenery Pleasant weather, Tochal Mountain and its beautiful nature have long been of interest to Tehranians and walk on slopes of Tochal is one of the most popular Attractive entertainment but over time, the Recreational facilities in this area have increased and attracted more tourists. The first recreational project of Tochal was the construction of a cable car and a ski slope of Tochal, which began in 1974 and ended in 1978. Tochal cable car is built in 7 stations, the seventh station of which is Tochal International Ski Slope. In addition, from The seventies AH onwards, other facilities such as numerous restaurants and coffee shops, sports and ski equipment stores, more modern entertainment facilities such as bungee jumping, etc. were added to this entertainment complex, which made it more exciting than before. International skiing competitions are held in this complex every once in a while, and in general, it should be said that Tochal is currently the best ski slope in Iran.


مکان های دیدنی کوه توچال

Tehran roof

The roof of Tehran puts the most beautiful view of Tehran under your feet. The roof of Tehran is a place to relax and enjoy the beauties of the crowded city of Tehran in a calm and relaxing environment. Usually, this area is full of climbers in the early morning who have taken refuge in the northern mountains of Tehran to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Health road

Health Road is a green and beautiful road between the parking lot and the main entrance of Tochal Complex, after which three different routes with the names of Health Park 1 and Health Park 2 and Cave Waterfall area, are waiting for you to walk in it and enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy it.


Sports and recreational facilities

Entering the main part of the Tochal Entertainment Collection, there are a number of different types of entertainment for different ages, each of which is considered as a kind of Tochal Spectacular. One of the most exciting pastimes that has been added to this collection for several years is the bungee jumping. In addition to the bungee jumping club itself, the Bungee Jumping Club has other hobbies, such as a jumping platform, a ski slope, a coffee shop, rock climbing, trampoline, and Slack line, all of which are built to modern world standards and are run by experienced international trainers.

Other attractions and Spectacular include Tochal Zip Line, Tochal’s popular and Antiquated cable car, International Ski slope and Snowmobile, which is located at Station 7, Tochal Sled, Tochal Traps, various sports clubs and virtual reality club games club. In addition, the newly opened Recreational Complex in Tochal is the Cube Club escape room. In this escape room, which is the largest escape room in Iran, you will experience a new kind of excitement. A room full of puzzles and strange events that you have to put together and solve.

Cost and time table to visit Tochal Mountain

Ticket price: Free (except sports and recreational facilities)

Opening hours: Free

English and Farsi address of Tochal Mountain

Tochal mountain, end of Velenjak street, Yemen street, Shahid Chamran highway, Tehran

 تهران، بزرگراه شهید چمران، خیابان یمن، انتهای خیابان ولنجک، مجموعه تفریحی کوه توچال


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