Today, exhibitions have become a standard practice in business relationships between organizations and companies. Exhibitions are one of the most important communication tools in today’s world that even the advent of the virtual world could not diminish their efficiency for those who were looking for a particular product, service or technology. In Iran as a vast country, there are numerous exhibitions every year on topics that are growing in number and distribution.

Iran events

As an organized event, Iranian fairs can provide effective solutions for participants and visitors in different fields. Solutions for finding and presentation are the following:

  • Various industrial and consumer goods
  • Various services from engineering or legal, consulting and …
  •  Information and introduction to culture, history and ..
  • Discover new technologies and techniques

Visiting exhibitions in Iran

IRANdirectory offers a complete database of Iranian exhibitions. Location, time, subject and brief description of each exhibition. You can plan to visit them and use our other services to travel to Iran to visit exhibitions.

You can easily select category or venue in drop-down list to reach its event archive page, or look in calendar to searching events by date. Days with events in calendar is highlighted in orange color.

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Taking a booth at Iranian exhibitions

We are in close contact with most of the organizations, unions and exhibiting companies in Iran. You can use IRANdirectory Team Services to take booth and attend exhibitions. The services includes initial presentation to organizer and completion of forms to payments, shipping, decorating, publishing, translation and even travel services. In order to take a booth and use other services, you should fill the form in the page below. So we can contact you.

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