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For travel or even trade with Iran, you need to know Iran well. IRANdirectory provides all the information you need, clearly and comprehensively, from all aspects of cities to all famous attractions.

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Iranian Rich Culture

Writing about and introducing Iranian culture is one of the most difficult things to do. In Iran, you are exposed to thousands of rites and rituals, customs, beliefs, poems and literature, stories, legends, etc. They all have roots in immemorial history and civilization in this magic ancient territory. Many of them are exclusively in/from Iran. So you will be probably so shocked to read about them and they are totally new to you. Here in IRANdirectory, you can read about and explore all the unique topics about Iran.


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Guides for Traveling to Iran

You can find all the tips and information you need while you are in Iran or when you face the Iranians. We would be glad to share you this information.




Discover the huge economical capacities of Iran and plan to engage your business in this big market.

Iran Exhibitions

You Can Find Date, Location and a Brief Introduction of All Iranian Major Exhibitions
Track Easily and Plan to Visit or Even Attend As an Exhibitor

What Is

Made in Iran

For long in history, Iran has been one of the world’s exporters of goods. And so is today. Numerous elements have contributed to this excellence and capacity. Some of them can be found on “Economic Opportunities” page.
Some exported products from Iran are historic and well-known and some of them are among new innovations from Persian expertise and talent.
IRANdirectory tries to introduce these products and their suppliers and pave the way for you to access them.


An Iranian Supplier

IRANdirectory is a branch of Chinestan Holdings. In Chinestan we also supply some specific Iranian products. Iran handcrafts in a separate brand and an online shop called “Handeers” and a large variety of food products under “Zinga” brand.

Trade in Peace

Trade Services

Powered by our subsidiary companies in Chinestan Holding and through our network of partners in Iran and China, we will provide you all trading services to make it easy for you to make business with Iran.


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