Iran, a peaceful and humanitarian country

Iranians have an ancient civilization and in many historical cases  humanitarian behavior of Iranians can be observed. Many Iranian kings, such as Cyrus the Great, Darius, Anushirvan, Karim Khan Zand, and etc. have historically represented the peacefulness of Iranians to the world.

A historical example of Iranian philanthropy

In 549 BC, the new Babylonian rule was overthrown by Cyrus the Great,King of Iran, and the captured Jews were freed. Cyrus, ruler of much of the world, returned the Jews to Jerusalem and allowed the Jews to build a new temple. The Achaemenid era was a time of generosity towards other nations, and Jews in their territories were free to worship their God.


Contemporary examples of Iranian philanthropy

During the period from 1320to 1324 solar years more than 6,000 Poles came to Iran from the Soviet Union to immigrate to Israel and Africa. At that time, Iran itself was facing starvation and food shortages, political and economic turmoil due to the occupation of the country, and so on. However, despite their calamities, the Iranians did not hesitate to welcome the hospitality.

Iran, for a long time has been a refuge for immigrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, and others. According to a 2016 census report released by the Iranian Census Bureau, 1,583,979 people account for 1.98 percent of the total population of Iran are Afghans.

Countering terrorist groups

After the entry of the Zionist group ‘ISIS’ into Iraq, Iran defended the Iraqi people against ISIS and defeated the terrorist group by uniting the Iraqi people. Because of Iran’s support for the people of the region against ISIS, many women and children in the Middle East who have been subjected to ISIS oppression have become pro-government of Iran.

Iranian peacefulness

After the Islamic Revolution, Iran did not invade any country and did not start a war with Iraq. In this war, despite the widespread support of the world’s military superpowers and most powerful countries of the world for Iraq and the chemical attacks on the oppressed Iranians by Iraq, the Iranian people resisted the enemy by uniting and prevented their country conquest.


Supporting the oppressed nations of the world

Iran has always been a supporter of the oppressed nation of Yemen, Palestine, Bosnia, Lebanon, Iraq and more. For example, the following can be mentioned:

  • Iran’s protest against the brutal killing of the oppressed Palestinian people and their occupation by Israeli military forces, thereby not recognizing the fake and aggressive state of Israel
  • Protest against the killing of Bosnian Muslims by Serbs
  • Protests against the killing of Yemeni women and children by Saudi military

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