Dream land amusement park in Isfahan was built as the largest amusement park in the Middle East in an area of 170,000 square meters. The construction project of this complex with the participation of a Chinese company and with a cost of 600 billion Riels, lasted 5 years. In this amusement park, equipment with the highest standards has been used and there is no one like it in Iran. Dreams city Amusement Park, Iran’s first international amusement park, can entertain you for up to a full day with nearly 90 different attractions. The admission capacity of this amusement park is 600 people per day.

Features and facilities of the Dreams city

Different architecture in the construction of the amusement park of the Dream Land is one of the distinctive features of this amusement park. When you enter this amusement park, buildings with different appearances will attract your attention. An Inverted building that is in the hands of dinosaurs, or a spacecraft, or a large building in the shape of a sea shell. Also, the existence of various devices considering different age categories has made it possible for people of all ages to enjoy this collection. The Dream Land amusement park, has various outdoor and indoor games.

Outdoor space of Dream Land amusement park

outdoor part of Dream land consists of eleven different games for children and adults, including a large aerial train, a small aerial train, a children’s rally, a space engine, a frog, a small bee, a revolving swing, a large revolving swing, a small worm, a swivel arm and a carousel.

The indoor space of Dream Land amusement park

 The indoor section of Dream land amusement park consists of five different sections, which include a computer game hall, a special effects hall and three sections of space travel, the underwater world and the upside-down city, where visitors enter a cinema space by entering each section.

 In another part of the Dream land complex, 54 sprinklers and several automatic water pumps are installed in a two-story building, and visitors can play together in a happy atmosphere with music for a certain period of time.

Time table to visit Dream land Amusement Park

Opening hours: 10:00 – 23:00

English and Farsi address of Dream land Amusement Park

Dream Land amusement park, east ring , Isfahan
اصفهان، رینگ شرقی، شهربازی شهر رویاها

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