Iran is a big, powerful and rich country. There are many talents in economic issues in this country that you can get acquainted with them in other parts of Iran Directory website. One of these issues is trade, which for various reasons distinguishes Iran and has made it one of the best places for business. We recommend that you take Iran’s business capacity seriously and think about and research it. You can get help from us wherever you need advice and additional information. Iran’s trading capacity allows you to import even non-Iranian goods or services from Iran and sell your goods or services to non-Iranians. However, the production capacity and market of Iranians themselves is very large and significant. You will read more about these issues on the Iranian Economic Capabilities page.

Below we examine the important and effective reasons for the emergence of this business capacity in Iran.

Distinguished geographical location

Due to its proximity to 15 countries by land and sea, Iran is a number one priority in Supply of goods and trade relations for many of its neighbors. Especially since some neighboring countries have little production capacity and supply in various fields. Iran’s exports to its neighbors are so high on some issues Iran’s exports to its neighbors are so high, that the amount of goods available inside Iran has decreased and the Iranian government has imposed temporary export restrictions to control the domestic market.

Commercial Capacity of Iran

Free Trade-Industrial Zones

Iran has 12 free trade-industrial zones. A free zone is a territory often located inside or adjacent to a port where free trade with other parts of the world is permitted. In this specific geographical area, customs rules do not apply. These areas make it easier for goods to enter and leave the country, which means less convenience and lower trade costs.

Commercial Capacity of Iran

Transportation facilities

Iran’s distinguished and special geographical location and the development of transportation infrastructure in the last half century in Iran, as well as the low price of energy in Iran, has made transportation in Iran cheap, fast and diverse. In all four cases: land, rail, sea and air modes, the distribution of facilities in the vast land of Iran is relatively appropriate and facilitates the entry of goods.

Commercial Capacity of Iran

Numerous international exhibitions

In Iran, numerous international exhibitions are held every year, which are naturally in larger cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz and Tabriz. Many of these exhibitions are known and important in the region or even in Asia and have non-Iranian visitors and participants.

Commercial Capacity of Iran

Stable Security

Iran is one of the safest places in the world and one of the most important fighters against violence, insecurity and terrorist groups in the world. Of course, you may not think so, but you will certainly face this fact after your first trip to Iran. Security stability is one of the characteristics of Iran.

Commercial Capacity of Iran

Extensive and diverse market

Iran, with its vast and diverse population of 80 million markets and access to markets in Central Asia and the Middle East, is a good place to sell products. The culture and lifestyle of Iranians is rich and high level. Most of them have stuffs in their homes that they sometimes use or have full facilities for 30 or 50 guests.

Commercial Capacity of Iran

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