80 km north of Ahvaz is one the few existing structures of ziggurats.

Choga Zanbil is the best preserved and largest temple in Iran and even the entire Mesopotamian plain, and it has been in front of us for a long history of 2,500 years.

The Structure And Building

In the early morning, from Ahwaz, it can be reached in more than four hours. Originally, this tower temple was a pyramid-like five-story building, but now there are only three floors left, about 25 meters high. This is the greatest one in the temple, comparable to the pyramids of Egypt. It comes from the hands of the Elan.


Elan Temple

The Elan people established their first kingdom three thousand years ago. They are the bridge between Persia and Sumer. This magnificent building was built by the king of Elan, Onta Higgal, when he was in office. It is to worship Susaku Built by the protection of the city. This is desolate and barren. Even in the unusually hot and humid place in winter, few people can think of a forest area that can block floods at that time. A rich temple is a tower of five concentric towers. The innermost and highest one is 50 meters above the ground. The length of the bottom is 1200 meters, only the bottom three shelves are still well preserved. When you look down, you can’t see the formed brick wall, but the clay pile. In the middle of the temple, the bricks are made of bricks, and the towers are made of kiln bricks. The towers are a row of vaulted huts with steps leading to higher levels. The floor originally had a comprehensive building system of rooms, tombs, underground passages and waterways, and two temples dedicated to the gods were built in the southeast. The tower temple is surrounded by paved courtyards, backed by residential areas. Because of improper protection, only three simple but well-built ruins, the king’s sleeping hall, the harem and the palace’s gates can be seen here. When tourists walk around the temple, they can find the cuneiform characters inscribed on the wall and on the bricks. Conical inlay and glazed tiles in the ancient Middle East, there was a custom of worshiping mountains.

The plain of Mesopotamia in Pingmao was slightly flat and monotonous. How to make this temple tower majestic? The Persians who used to live under the plateau brought them a source of inspiration. They piled up the mountains and built their own “Holy Mountain”.


Cost and time table to visit Choga Zanbil

Ticket price: 500,000 Rials

Opening hours: 8:00- 17:00

English and Farsi address of Choga Zanbil

Choga Zanbil, near Haft Tapeh area, 40 km from Shoosh city, Khuzestan Province

استان خوزستان، 40 کیلومتری شهرستان شوش، نزدیک به منطقه هفت تپه، چغازنبیل


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