Internet and Filtering in Iran

The number of broadband subscribers, according to statistics released by the Regulatory Authority of Radio and Communications Organization of Iran in 2018, was 71 million and 249 thousand and 601 people, including 10 million and 35thousand and 272 thousand subscribers of fixed broadband internet and 61 million and 214 thousand and 329 people Broadband Internet subscriber becomes mobile.

This number shows the penetration and penetration rate of internet in Iran, which is one of the highest in the world. Internet penetration in Iran is over 86%.

Broadband Subscribers

Speed and Cost of Internet in Iran

For most general applications, internet speed is acceptable and even high speed internet can be used on many suburban roads.

If you are traveling to Iran, almost all hotels provide high speed internet with wifi. But outside the hotel you can use an Iranian SIM card for a very small fee (about two dollars or more). After purchasing a SIM card you can activate cheap and high speed internet packages which are active in most places.

In spite of some of your former media outlets or potential mindsets, the speed of the internet in Iran is just like in many other countries around the world. The cost of internet adsl in Iran is cheaper than in countries such as the US, Australia, France and Canada. According to Open Signal, 4G internet speeds in Iran are higher than in India, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Pakistan.

Access to sites and social networks in Iran

Contrary to the media described space, internet freedom in Iran is not very limited and only a few sites are filtered. This is because of the inappropriate content of these networks and the exacerbation of social and ethical, ethnic, religious and … anomalies. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are among the filters. Using vpn in Iran is illegal but you can use vpn like many people do. After filtering telegram in Iran, its number of users decreased, so some people use vpn. Some people also use Iranian messengers, including Bale, Soroush and Ita. Many people also use WhatsApp and Instagram. Not all restrictions or filtering are from the Iranian side. And more than any of Iranian telecommunications filter, Iranian has restricted by Western sites and countries. A cruel and unfair restriction on what is most technically, financially, commercially or even scientific.

Internet and Filtering in Iran

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Internet and Filtering in Iran
Internet and Filtering in Iran