International Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing and Related Industries is held at Tehran International Exhibition in an area of over 30,000 square meters. More than 380 domestic and foreign companies from the Islamic Republic of Iran and dozens of countries are participating in the exhibition and provide the latest and latest techniques, technologies and industries related to marketing and advertising In addition to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Germany, Turkey, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Hank Gang, Sri Lanka, China, Italy and Spain also attend the International Exhibition on Advertising, Marketing and Related Industries and Technology and Provide advertising and marketing related services and technologies.

The main aims of this exhibition are:

Introducing new export markets, providing solutions on how to maintain export markets, supporting the advertising industry, promoting quantitative and qualitative levels and explaining the importance and position of advertising among individuals and businesses, familiarizing with marketing techniques and promoting sales, promoting and training marketing culture To be more successful in competitive markets, encourage the domestic market to use modern marketing tools, establishing close relationships between marketing and advertising service providers and applicants, familiarizing about the latest developments in international markets and competitors’ conditions, transfer modern and efficient technical knowledge for quality and quantity growth of domestic products and the development of non-oil exports.

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