Bam city with an area of 54 square kilometers is the second important city in Kerman province after Kerman city which is located in the southeast of Iran. This city with a population of 127396 is the tourism capital of southeastern Iran. The Bam city is located 200 km southeast of Kerman and on the Kerman-Zahedan road, in a wide plain between the two mountains of Barez and Kaboudi, at an altitude of 1060 meters above sea level.


 History Of Bam

Bam is one of the historical cities of Iran and Kerman province, so if they want to show a tourist two or three historical photos of Iran, one of them must be the famous citadel in Bam. The old city of Bam is known as the gateway to the east of Iran. Bam was declared the capital of Iran by Lotfali Khan Zand at a critical time in history (the end of the reign of Lotfali Khan Zand). When the English tourist Pati Najr arrived in Bam around 1189 Hijri, he saw the fortified built in it and mentioned: it has been fortified so much that it may be unique in all of Iran in this respect. By Barthold: Bam was the industrial center of Kerman, and the cotton fabrics woven in Bam were exported everywhere, including Egypt.

In Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh and Ardeshir Babakan’s book” Karnamak”, traces of Bam can be seen. In these books, there is a neighborhood called “Kajaran or Kozran”, which is actually located in the northeast of Bam and is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Bam.



The climate of Bam is hot and dry, but due to its proximity to the desert, it has a variable climate, so that sometimes it is reported to be the hottest point of the country in summer and the coldest point of the country in winter. The average annual rainfall is 68 mm.


 Economy Of Bam

Bam is the most important city in Kerman province after Kerman in terms of history, culture and economy and is one of the most important cities in Iran in terms of tourism industry. This city is the industrial center of the province and silkworm breeding and textile industry in this area is very old. Horticulture, agriculture, animal husbandry and carpet weaving form the basis of Bam’s economy.

The best product of this region is citrus and the famous dates “Mazafati”. The existence of a beautiful and modern special economic zone “New Citadel” next to the historic citadel of Bam (the largest brick building in the world) has made this region more prosperous. Currently, this region is the only specialized economic zone specialized in the field of automobile manufacturing, parts manufacturing and related industries in Iran.

Souvenirs and local food

Among the special souvenirs of Bam city that are always of interest to travelers and tourists, we can mention dates, qavoot, cumin and all kinds of liqueurs. Carpet weaving, kilim and jajim are eye-catching handicrafts and very common occupations in Bam and  Bam city, have been able to attract many foreign tourists. Other handicrafts of this city are various types of copper utensils with different shapes, dimensions and applications.


English and Farsi address of Choga Zanbil

Bam city, Kerman province

استان کرمان، شهر بم


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