Yazd is the first brick city in the world to be the first city in Iran to be registered with UNESCO and its traditional texture remains intact. And that’s why it attracts Iranian and foreign tourists. The city of Yazd is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, which is located between the Shirkuh and Khranagh mountain ranges and on a plain called Yazd Ardakan. It is one of the most historic cities in Iran, where the world’s first safe deposit box was built in it, about 1,700 years ago.


History of Yazd

Yazd means the holy land or the city of God.Throughout history, there is a lot of evidence that one of the first areas where the Aryans were present is the city of Yazd.Some geographers attribute the date of construction of Yazd to the first Sassanid Yazdgerd, and the name of Yazd is given to this city according to the name of this king.But one of the largest tribes that ruled this region was the Atabakans, who ruled the city for nearly 140 years. After them, Yazd was conquered by the Mongol invasion of Iran, and the ruler of Yazd accepted the Mongol domination, but his successors, as the puppets of the Mongols, remained in office and protected Yazd from the Anger and destruction of the Mongols. The importance of road expansion and security was so great that after the Mongols, the Muzaffar dynasty came to rule the region from the toll of Yazd. During the reign of Al-Muzaffar, the Sufi sect spread in Yazd. In the 8th century AH, Amir Timur invaded Yazd and handed over the rule of Yazd to one of his agents. However, the Timurid rule did not last long, after which the Safavids took control of Yazd. During this period, many works and buildings were built in Yazd. After the Safavids, the Qajar dynasty ruled Yazd. During this period, Khosrowshah Jahan and his brothers established the Jahanian Trade Center in Yazd, which was the prelude to the establishment of the first Iranian bank.


Geography and climate

Yazd city is one of the hot and dry cities of Iran, which is located between Shirkuh and Khoranagh mountains. This city is actually located in a plain between two mountains, which has caused its excessive drought. The city has a very hot climate in summer, and the High temperature difference between night and day are the Outstanding feature of its climate.

The culture of people of Yazd

The official language of the people of Yazd is Persian, and they speak the Yazidi dialect, which is one of the most beautiful dialects of the Persian language, and many people in this city, speak the same dialect. Most people in Yazd are Muslims and follow the Shiite religion, but religious minorities, including Zoroastrians and Jews, also live in the city. The Zoroastrian population in Yazd is larger than in other parts of Iran. Around the city of Yazd and inside it, shrines have been built for Zoroastrians, in which special ceremonies for the followers of this religion are held every month or season. One of their most famous annual ceremonies is the Sada Celebration, which is held by Zoroastrians throughout Iran.

Yazd economy

Although the city of Yazd does not have the right climate for a prosperous agriculture, it has huge mineral reserves. The most important mines in this region are iron, uranium, lead and zinc, various types of building stones, copper, gypsum, salt, Chinese soil and red soil, which have an important and constructive role in the civil development of Iran. Yazd is one of the most industrial cities in Iran, whose people are active in many industries, including carpets, textile, patterned and simple fabrics, textile machinery and electrical and electronics industries. Yazdi weavers such as shawls, cashmere, handkerchiefs and cover have many fans and customers all over Iran and even outside of Iran.

Yazd souvenirs

Halva Ardeh is one of the most delicious souvenirs in Yazd, which is a very useful food. This delicious food is made from sesame, Ardeh, sugar, liquid glucose, edible sweeteners, citric acid and egg white powder.

Yazdi cake is a very delicious type of sweet that is one of the original sweets of this city. This cake is mostly cooked in various ceremonies in Yazd. The ingredients for baking Yazdi cake are white flour, solid oil or butter, baking powder, baking soda and yogurt or milk.

 Baklava is a very tasty pastry that is cooked in many countries around the world, including Iran and Turkey. If you are planning to buy baklava, we recommend that you do not miss the purchase of fresh baklava in Yazd.

 Local foods of Yazd

Chickpea stuffing or Yazdi stuffing is one of the most delicious local dishes in Yazd, where chickpeas are used instead of split peas.

Eggplant tomato broth is another very delicious local food of Yazd city, the raw materials of which include mutton, eggplant, chickpeas, gourds and…. This dish is one of the most delicious Yazdi dishes that is cooked in most restaurants in this city.

 Split pea meatballs are a very tasty Yazdi dish that is very similar to Tabrizi meatballs. Ingredients such as minced meat, raw eggs and boiled eggs, fragrant vegetables, barberry, raisins, fried onions, tomato paste and special spices are used in cooking this dish.

Aug 29, 2022 - Mon
Yazd IR
Wind 3 m/s, SSW
Pressure 763.57 mmHg
clear sky
Humidity 9%
Clouds -
sun aug 28
-°C /24°C0 m/s-0 mmHg
mon aug 29
32°C /23°C1 m/s, WNW11%762.82 mmHg
tue aug 30
33°C /22°C1 m/s, WNW14%762.07 mmHg
wed aug 31
33°C /22°C2 m/s, NW13%761.31 mmHg
thu sep 1
33°C /22°C0 m/s, NW13%759.81 mmHg

Dolatabad Garden

Among the spectacular attractions of Yazd, there is a lush and refreshing garden called Dolatabad Garden, which is one of the most famous gardens in Iran. Dolatabad Garden has a…

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