Among the spectacular attractions of Yazd, there is a lush and refreshing garden called Dolatabad Garden, which is one of the most famous gardens in Iran. Dolatabad Garden has a spectacular windbreak that has 8.33-meter-long. which is the tallest brick windbreak in the world and was built in coordination with other historical monuments in Yazd. This garden is registered in the list of national monuments of Iran and UNESCO World Heritage.

Dolatabad Garden Entrance Area

To enter the garden, like other old mansions, you have to go through a relatively large porch to enter the garden area. In this vestibule, some of the attractions of this garden are visible to you, and you can see some people who have lined up and are selling beautiful handicrafts and beautiful pottery. By buying these handicrafts, you can remember the trip to Yazd. Keep it lasting to yourself. Arriving at the garden area, you are greeted by a beautiful green space that may remind you of Kashan Fin Garden. If you go to see this garden at night, you will see many lanterns that have been used to illuminate the garden area and have given it an attractive appearance. Another attraction of this garden is the presence of colorful flowers in the garden area, which has created a beautiful and refreshing atmosphere.


History of Dolatabad Garden

The garden dates back to the late Afshari period, when Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafghi, a member of the Khawanin family in Yazd, built the beautiful garden. At first, before he built di fferent parts of the garden, he thought of watering the trees and flowers in the garden, so he dug a 65-kilometer-long aqueduct and transferred water from Mehriz to the garden in Yazd. This aqueduct is more than 200 years old and is a combination of 5 aqueducts. The source of the aqueduct was the heights of Mehriz, which along its 65 km route irrigated parts of the land of Mehriz and started several water mills today, but this aqueduct is no longer used to irrigate the garden and instead a semi-deep well. Adjacent used.

 The inner parts of Dolatabad Garden

To enter the main building, there is a wooden door in front of you with attractive carvings. Upon entering the building, you will see many rooms, most of which have a pool in the middle. The door of one of these rooms is decorated with colored glass and opens to the courtyard, showing images of colors in the sunlight. In one of the rooms there is a long windbreak that you can visit. The inner part of the garden consists of a porch, a harem, Behesht Aien

 mansion a kitchen, a watchtower, a private reservoir and stables, and has been the residence of the ruler and his family. One of the most important parts of this building is its porch, where water and wind are combined in the most attractive way which is possible. Inside the building, there are a series of pools full of water, with which the cool air is transferred from under the windshield to the royal residence and the halls, which is why this building is called the summer mansion.

The outer parts of Dolatabad Garden

The outer part of the garden consists of the front door and the entrance, the mirror hall, the Tehrani mansion, two bazaars and a public reservoir. There is a tall brick wall around the garden that has a watchtower, and in the past it was used to guard the garden and the surrounding area. One of the beauties of this garden is the symmetry used in its architecture, part of the charm of which is due to these creative symmetries.

Cost and time table to visit Dolatabad Garden

Ticket price: 500,000 Rials

Opening hours: 8:00- 23:00

English and Farsi address of Dolatabad Garden

Dolatabad Garden, Nawab Safavi Boulevard, Yazd city

شهر یزد، بلوار نواب صفوی، باغ دولت آباد


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