Introducing the latest achievements and capabilities of Iran’s maritime and maritime industry and providing investment opportunities in the maritime, port, offshore areas of Iran are the goals of Iran’s International Maritime Exhibition.


 capabilities and achievements of the maritime and maritime industries, shipping and maritime transport, shipbuilding, offshore oil and gas industries, maritime and port services, construction, equipment and development of ports, military and defense affairs, oceanography and meteorology. , Electronics & Telecommunications, Maritime Law, Surveying & Hydrography, Marine Surveillance, Marine Environment, Tourism & Marine Recreation, Free and Special Economic Zones, Associations & Unions & Universities & Marine Science & Technology.

The exhibition was organized with the participation of 240 domestic and 15 foreign companies at the International Exhibition Center of Kish Island. It’s aims are:

Identifying and introducing investment opportunities, presenting capabilities and the latest achievements in the offshore, port and offshore industries, installations and systems of the Islamic Republic of Iran

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