Meshgin Shahr is the second city of Ardabil province and is located at the foot of Sabalan mountain. This city, which is located next to water-rich rivers such as Khiav, Anar and Meshgin Chai, is known as one of the tourism hubs of Iran, despite its hot springs, abundant natural promenades and historical monuments.


 History of Meshgin Shahr

According to the historical coins found in the Meshgin Shahr region, this region dates back to the time of the Atabaks of Azerbaijan. But from the archeological findings from the urban area and more recently from the village of Khorramabad Meshgin Shahr, it seems that the existence of this city dates back to more than 8,000 BC (Iron Age). Also, the inscription attributed to the second Sassanid Shapur, which was located 150 meters west of the old castle (historical place), shows the history of this city up to the Sassanid period (337 AD).

The old names of this city were “Khiav Meymand” and “Varavi”, but in 605 AD, when Georgia had occupied this part of Iran, one of the Georgian princes named ‘Bishgin’, named this city after himself and this name over time it changed to Meshgin.

Geography and climate

Meshgin Shahr with an area of approximately 1530 km is located at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. The very beautiful mountain of Sabalan with very eye-catching slopes is located at a distance of 25 km from this city. Sabalan peak with a height of 4811 meters is the highest point of Meshgin Shahr. Sabalan is one of the highest mountains in Iran and is mostly covered with snow and ice and has many hot and cold springs. The city is a vast plain that is limited to lowlands with a steep slope. Meshgin Shahr consists of four climates: hot and dry Mediterranean, temperate Mediterranean, cold steppe and cold mountain. The length of the dry and semi-dry and frosty months is five to eight months and the average annual rainfall is 300 mm.

Meshgin Shahr handicrafts and souvenirs

Meshgin Shahr handicrafts have a special antiquity and originality. Carpet weaving, kilim weaving, jajim weaving and pottery are some of the handicrafts of this city. Sabalan honey is one of the famous souvenirs of Meshgin Shahr, this valuable souvenir is the result of pollen of more than 40 different flowers and plants in the foothills of Sabalan mountain. Medicinal plants and dairy products are other popular souvenirs of the city.

Nov 30, 2020 - Mon
Ardabil IR
Wind 2 m/s, NNE
Pressure 765.82 mmHg
Humidity 100%
Clouds 90%
mon nov 30
3°C /1°C1 m/s, ENE98%766.57 mmHg
tue dec 1
7°C /0°C1 m/s, S78%767.32 mmHg
wed dec 2
6°C /1°C1 m/s, NNE69%768.82 mmHg
thu dec 3
4°C /3°C1 m/s, E92%771.82 mmHg
fri dec 4
6°C /2°C1 m/s, SE78%771.07 mmHg

Kohneh Qala (Kohneh Castle)

Kohneh Qala is an ancient castle, which is located on a hill in the western part of Khiav Chai River in Meshginshahr. The approximate height of this castle is 1416…

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