The Tehran Fisheries and affiliated Industries Exhibition (IFEX) is an international 4-day event began from 2016, which various kinds of fish, seafood and seafood affiliated products or services are shown in.

At the International Fisheries Exhibition in Tehran, companies and activists in the field of fisheries and seafood from inside and outside of Iran are presented, and it’s an important market for seafood in the region.  In 2017, the exhibition included 77 domestic companies and 28 foreign companies.

The topics of this exhibition are different types of fish, seafood, products or services in the field of seafood.

Iran Fisheries industry in the Middle East

Iran’s International Fisheries, Aquaculture, Seafood and affiliated industry Exhibition is the best seafood market in the country and the Middle East where buyers and suppliers of seafood from all over the world come together to expand their communications and trade in Iran and Middle East’ s lucrative market.

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