Tehran International exhibition of flour and bread is one of the biggest events in Iran due to the importance of bread in people’s lives.

The Bread and Flour Exhibition of Iran is organized in such a way that the basic and standard activities of the production and sale of flour and bread fields are in order to improve the bread production standards, and in the field of bread and bread making machines Can become independent and self-sufficient.

Tehran International exhibition of flour and bread goals

The exhibition with goals such as culture building and reforming the pattern of production and consumption of bread, increasing the level of business activities and investing in the flour and bread industry, and supporting the construction and development of industrial bread production units in the country, the organized private sector in the production chain And the supply of raw materials for bread production, the establishment of the necessary facilities to provide the maximum capacity and capabilities of domestic companies in the field of machinery related to the industry of flour and bread, and the creation of a platform for interaction and further cooperation in the flour and bread industry at the place of international Tehran exhibitions  will be held.

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