Tehran’s pastry and Chocolate Exhibition is an international event that is considered one of the most prestigious specialized exhibitions in sweets and chocolates in the Middle East.

Tehran’s pastry and chocolate exhibition is a four-day event that began in 2002, and is held annually with the participation of a large number of activists in the field.

Exhibition sections

The exhibition will be held in three main sections, which include manufactured products, raw materials and machinery.

In the machinery field, there are a variety of packaging machines, baking ovens, baking boilers, product processing, blenders, dipping machines, double cake , The automatic production line of sponge cakes, the production line of all kind of cake, various kinds of chocolate making and coating machines and chocolate production line industries.

Introduction the latest domestic and foreign achievements of this industry, the exchange of information on domestic and foreign companies, fundraising, production prosperity, export development, human resource introduction, job creation, advertising and awareness are the most important goals of holding this Exhibition.

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