Exhibition of  Health, Safety , Environment, Firefighting  and Relief and Rescue (HSE Expo) aims to promote the level of science, provide advanced and specialized technology and introduce the equipment of the HSE-empowered enterprises, promote and develop research and research activities, Changing new attitudes in the fields of safety, occupational health and the environment in all industries and providing a new perspective on community health and health, and with the products it offers, is an effective step towards improving safety, health and safety standards. Removes the environment.

features of Tehran health exhibition

Some of the features of the exhibition include employer support (Ministry of Petroleum and Subsidiaries, Ministry of Industry and Mine, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Firefighting and Safety Services, etc.), planning to attend And visits of HSE executives and experts, held simultaneously in one venue with Tehran and Nano Tehran trade fairs, extensive and effective presence of academic and training centers in exhibitions and workshops and seminars on the sidelines of the exhibition, commodity expansions Related to Safety, Health, Environment, Fire and Rescue and so on He mentioned the effective presence of different companies, institutions and organizations in this exhibition.

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