To the west of the capital, at the beginning of the Tehran-Karaj highway, is Iran’s second largest amusement park, Eram Park in Tehran. The park covers an area of about 75 hectares, of which 8 hectares are dedicated to the Great Lake Complex; A lake that gives you a different space for boating and fishing while you can cross the lake with a trap. Eram Park is a collection of 1 zoo and 3 amusement parks known as Luna 1, Luna 2 and Luna 3. These Lunas have a total of more than 70 types of exciting and entertaining play equipment, such as aerial trains, star revolvers, bird swings, multi-dimensional cinemas, in addition to the military amusement parks, next to Luna 1 in Eram Park is an indoor amusement park called the Magic Castle, which houses fun games. The zoo is the largest zoo in the country’s capital, with more than 121 species. and so on.

Eram amusement park: Luna1

Luna 1 Eram Park in Tehran is the oldest and first part of this large park, which is located approximately on the northwest side of the complex. In Luna 1, most play equipment is for children and teenagers under 14 years of age. These games include Star Trek, UFO, Salto, Frisbee, Baby Swing, Baby Rally, and more.


Eram amusement park: Luna2

 Luna 2 is located on the south side next to the Lake of Park. In this section, there is a wide range of exciting emotional games for adults. Among the most popular devices in Luna 2, Disc and Custer, Caterpillar, Booster Park Eram and, most exciting of all, free fall. In Luna 2, you can enjoy other games such as carousel, spaceship, jumping engine, 4D cinema, etc.


Eram amusement park: Luna 3

Crazy mouse, flying Bird’s Swing, U Skate, Carting Track Collection, Waterfall, Family Air Train, 3D glasses and waterfall are some of the items in this section. The game cities of Luna 3 and Luna 2 are a short distance apart.


Magic Castle | Eram amusement park indoor section

The Magic Castle is an attractive space in Eram Park in Tehran. This amusement park is one of the few indoor amusement parks that is not located in the shopping center and gives you a different atmosphere. In the magical castle, you can access more than 120 different types of games, such as bird seats, various mechanical devices, rotating, targeting, and so on. It is interesting to know that Iran’s first mobile rock climbing is located in this covered space.


 Eram Zoo

The Eram Zoo is located on the south side of the park. The zoo was created on a land area of about 5 hectares and today about 130 species of native and non-native animals are kept in it. This zoo was added to Eram complex in 1992. The purpose of establishing the Eram Zoo is to acquaint the public with wildlife and to create a dynamic environment for research in this area. A variety of monkeys, African lions, Siberian tigers, leopards, cheetahs, etc. are among the animals in the area.


،ime table to visit Eram amusement park

Opening hours: 16:00 – 24:00

English and Farsi address of Eram amusement park

Eram amusement pak, next to Shahid Bakeri highway exit ramp, after Sattari bridge, next to Shahid Bakeri highway, 4 km of Tehran-Karaj highway from Tehran side
کیلومتر ۴ اتوبان تهران کرج از سمت تهران، بعد از پل ستاری، جنب رمپ خروجی اتوبان شهید باکری، شهربازی ارم


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