AzadiTower is an inverted “Y” shaped historical monument.

Azadi (Freedom Memorial Tower) is located near Tehran Airport and is now a symbol of Tehran’s capital. There are 2,500 pieces of stone on the front, with a total of 15,000 different forms. It was commemorating the 2500th anniversary of the Iranian Empire in 1971. build up to 50 meters from the ground. This majestic tower building, completely reinforced with reinforced concrete, is a three-story building that is a combination of ancient Sassanid and Islamic architecture in Iran. There are four elevators in the northwest and southeast that can lead to every level, as well as access to the top – a panoramic view of Tehran. If you don’t want to take the elevator, you can pick up the stairs from the northeast or southwest of the tower. Each staircase has 285 Steps.

On the ground, in addition to the museum, there are many halls for various events, such as art festivals. The exhibits of the museum belong to various periods (prehistoric history, history, pre-Islamic era, Islamic period). To climb the tower, the passage must be controlled by the city guards via an underground passage on the west side of Azadi Square.


Cost and time table to visit Azadi Tower

Ticket price: 300000 Rials
Opening hours: 9:00-18:00


English and Farsi address of Azadi Tower

Azadi tower, Tehran

تهران، برج آزادی


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