City of gardens is located in southwest of Iran with many historical and natural touristic spots. Shiraz is the capital of Fars province. If we want to count 5 important cities of Iran, Shiraz is one of them and it was from many years ago from Achaemenes emperor. This city is known as the city of gardens and also many people believe that this city is mother of Persian literature and Iranian flowers. This city is on the seasonal river named Rudkhaneye Khoshk (dry river).

Today’s Shiraz

Shiraz is the fifth most populous city of Iran with more than 1870000 population. this city has a moderate climate and it had been one of the most important trade centers of Iran from many years ago. Shiraz is one of the major oil refinery centers of Iran and it is also a major electronic industry center of Iran which invests 53% of Iran’s electric power.
This city was the first solar power plant home in Iran and recently the first wind turbine has been installed above Babakuhi mountain near the city.


History behind Shiraz

The first uses of Shiraz name came back to 2000 BC in the form of “Tirazis” which was on and Elamite clay tablets found in 1970 in south western corners of the city.
This city was first the capital of Iran in Achaemenes emperor and then it was destroyed by Mohammad Ibn Yusuf after they won the war with Iranians in 641.
In 933 Shiraz became to the most important city of Fars province and an important economic and cultural center of Iran in Buyid dynasty and it was the capital of Iran in some other dynasties too.


Business potentials

The city of Shiraz in the South Zagros region of Iran has a wide location and area of ​​influence. The industrial sector in this city has an important position in Iran due to the establishment of electronic and telecommunication industries, oil and gas industries and petrochemical complex. Other booming industries in the region include the cement and dairy industries.
Due to the location of Shiraz, this city has a favorable climate for the expansion of groves and date production and is considered one of the poles of date supply. This region is also one of the leading wheat suppliers in Iran.
The existence of historical attractions and gastric tourism in Shiraz in recent years has attracted a large population of domestic and foreign tourists to this region, so that a significant part of the net income of Shiraz depends on its tourism services and tourism.
Handicraft products cover part of Shiraz’s exports. Among these industries, we can mention the carpet industry.


Traditional foods

Shiraz is one of the known touristic cities of Iran. Food and meals of shiraz is one of the important parts of this city and they have many fans in all over Iran. They are many food tourists travel to Shiraz to taste the foods and experience the limpid flavor of the foods.
We are going to explain some of these foods for you:
•   Kalam polo (cabbage and rice)
Kalam polo is one of the traditional foods of Shiraz which many Iranians know this food. This food ingredients are cabbage, onion, meat, chickpea flour and vegetable. This food is very notorious and Shirazian people eat this food with yogurt.
•   Do piaze Alo Shirazi
This food is the other famous food of Shiraz which made from potato, hot onion, tomato and spices.
This food is one the simple foods of Shiraz which has many fans in Iran. Is you travel to Shiraz, be sure to try this food.
•   Shekar polo (sugar and rice)
The people of Shiraz cool and love a lot of sweet foods because of their climate and region of the city. Shekar polo is one of the Shirazi’s delicious food and those people who love sweet foods can taste it in Shiraz. In this dish most of the people use rice, sugar, saffron, and pistachio nuts with almond.
•   Eshkene
Eshkene it the food that cooked all over Iran but its origin is Shiraz. In this meal people use onion, egg, fenugreek, dried mint, salt and turmeric. This food is like soup
•   Kofte polo (peach dumplings)
This food is one the local and traditional foods of Shiraz which you won’t find this anywhere else. Raw meat, chickpea, flour, egg, onion, carrot and narcissus make up this delicious food.
•   Dampokhtak (mixed vegetable and rice)
This food has manty different types but in Shiraz people cook it with cabbage, lentil, onion, carrot, tarragon, basil, salt and turmeric. This dish is very notorious and this is a very good choise for vegetarians.


Art in Shiraz

• Colorful fabrics
Qashqai tribe is one of the known tribes of Iran who live mostly in Fars province lands and they make colorful fabrics. You can buy these fabrics in Vakil Bazar.
• Glim
Shiraz has many kinds of art works but Glim is very known. Glim is very known in Shiraz and many tourists buy Glim to be a memorial of Shiraz. Glim is woven from silk, goat hair and sheep or others animal’s wool.

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Shiraz IR
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Pressure 762.82 mmHg
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32°C /22°C1 m/s, N20%761.31 mmHg
thu sep 1
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