The most important goals of Tehran International Exhibition of Goods, Services, Store Equipment & Chain Stores are, promoting domestic goods and products, familiarizing consumers with high quality goods and services, promoting export of domestic goods, introducing competitive Iranian products to world markets, making purchases easy, safe and fast, satisfying consumer preferences, creating competition, promoting culture. Buy from chain stores to reduce air pollution, reduce fuel consumption, save energy and save time, organize and monitor the health and wellness of goods, rate and monitor prices and learn about the latest technologies in the field of retail equipment;

During the 11th International Exhibition of Goods, Services and Equipment Store and Chain Stores had been hold in an area of over 12,000 square meters, in addition to domestic companies, companies and agencies in some foreign countries including Turkey, China, Korea south, Austria, Italy and Britain were also participated to present and expose the latest products, services and industries related to this field. More than 80 domestic and foreign companies participated in this period.


Chain stores (government, cooperative and private), retail complexes and chain resellers providing food, beverage, disposable goods, clothing, and home appliances, furniture, manufacturers, multimedia, Store accessories produces include: store shelves, shipping baskets, refrigerated showcases and refrigerators, cash boxes and rails, barcode picker and barcode receiver, manufacturers and providers of in-store software, elevator and escalator makers, Parking Input special devices, Electronic Door Manufacturers, security devices, and Chain Packing devices of Chains & Accessory services.

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