Sheikh Lotfollah Isfahan Mosque is a famous historical mosque in this city, dating back to the 11th century during the Safavid era. The mosque is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Naghsh-e Jahan Square. What is most famous about this mosque is its circular dome with its infinitely beautiful roles and drawings that can be said in the world is unique.


 History Of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

The design of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque was used during 18 years and during the flourishing period of Safavid architecture. The mosque was built on the orders of Shah Abbas and in honor of the arrival of Sheikh Lotfollah Jebel Ameli. He was a Shiite cleric at that time and, like Sheikh Baha’i, had been emigrated to Iran from Lebanon by Shah Abbas. Because the Safavid government was a religious government and they were at great interest in Islam, especially the Shia religion, the scholars also honored it. Sheikh Lotfullah was also the father-in-wife of Shah Abbas. For these reasons, the mosque was built for the family of the Shah and the Sheikh Lotfollah itself to worship, and a school was built to this prominent Scientist to teach, which is not a sign of it today. During the Safavid era, they also know this beautiful mosque as Sadr mosque and Fathullah.


 Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Architecture

The architecture of this mosque is the most unique of its kind in the whole world. The use of natural light in the construction of the mosque and the combination of very beautiful colors along with the patterns of plants  has created a unique harmony, all of which have been completed along with the use of mosaic tiles.

One of the most beautiful parts of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is its dome. A circular dome that has benefited from Iranian architecture and is decorated with magnificent Islamic motifs. In addition, extremely beautiful mosaic tiles have been used inside and outside the dome, all of which have multiplied the wonder of the dome. Another marvel of the architecture of this dome is its color change at different times of the day, so that in the morning it is khaki, in the afternoon it is pink and in the evening it is gray. The height of this dome is 32 meters above the ground.


Special features of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

All ancient mosques around the world have one or two minarets next to their domes. While in this mosque there is no minaret. It is said that the reason for this is that the mosque was a place of worship for courtiers during the Safavid period, and for this reason a minaret was not built on top of it so that ordinary people could not come to this mosque.

Another distinguishing feature of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is the lack of design of the entrance nave (courtyard) in its architecture. You have to use the stairs to enter and then enter a porch covered with beautiful and busy tiles to reach the dome. It is said that the reason for the lack of a nave or entrance courtyard in the mosque is to observe symmetry in the design of Naghsh Jahan Square. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is located right in front of the Aali Qapo mansion, and this has made it impossible to design a courtyard or courtyard facing the qibla, which can be used for prayer.


Cost and time table to visit Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

Ticket price: 500,000 Rials

Opening hours: 9:00 – 16:00

English and Farsi address of Choga Zanbil

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, East side of Imam Square, Isfahan

اصفهان، ضلع شرقی میدان امام، مسجد شیخ لطف الله


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