Shaking Tower (also known as Monar Jonban) is a historical tomb that was under the rule of the Mongolian people, about 6 kilometers west of Isfahan. It includes the tombstone of the Amo Abdullah Caladoni (marked as 1316) and two shaking towers, located on both sides of the “Ivan” in the mausoleum, if you climb a very narrow staircase, One of the two shaking towers, and violently swaying against the wall, the tower will appear to sway forward and backward, and the other tower on the opposite side will start to shake. The entire “Ivan” is polygonal and decorated with white-blue glazed tiles.
Although it is not unique in Isfahan, but Isfahan’s shaking tower is probably the most famous of its kind. These two “shaking minarets” were built in the 14th century, and although they are easy to shake, they have survived for 700 years.

Cost and time table to visit Shaking Tower

Ticket price: 200000 Rials
Opening hours: 8:00 – 17:00

English and Farsi address of Shaking Tower

Esfahan, Karladan, Keshavarz Boulevard, Monar Jonban
اصفهان، کارلادان، بلوار آتشگاه، منارجنبان

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