Bazaar in Persian language

Bazaar is a market in the Persian language, meaning the market. Bazaar in Isfahan is a real maze of vaulted streets that lead directly to the old town. Bazaar’s iconic structure is called Chaharso, meaning four directions. It consists of two channels that intersect at the right corner and a large vaulted dome at the intersection. There are small holes in the vaulted roof to allow enough light to enter, while blocking the heat in summer and keeping warm in winter. The entire Bazaar is the center of urban commerce and is also the center of entertainment for the people.


Grand Bazaar of Isfahan

When Grand Bazaar of Isfahan (also known as Qeysarriyeh Bazaar) was built, at the sunset, the band celebrated on the gallery. Some people can’t help but portray this Bazaar as “the real Isfahan” because it is the largest and most prosperous Bazaar in the Middle East. The entire road in Bazaar is nearly 5 kilometers long. It takes a while to walk around. Stroll around here, you can find any imaginable items, not to mention the numerous mosques, tea houses, public baths and even gardens. Like other Bazaars in Iran, Isfahan’s Grand Bazaar is divided into several connected passages, each of which specializes in a product, such as selling tea sets, making shoe carpets, bleaching or gold, etc.


Cost and time table to visit the Grand Bazar

Ticket price: free
Opening hours: always

English and Farsi address of Grand Bazar

Grand bazar, Imam square, Esfahan

اصفهان، میدان امام، بازار قیصریه


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