Security in Iran

Iran is one of the safest places in the world and one of the most important fighters against violence, insecurity and terrorist groups in the world. Of course you may not think so, but you will surely face the truth after your first trip to Iran.

On security and political issues, this country has maintained security within its borders by fighting against terrorist groups even outside its borders. Despite being in insecure region of the Middle East and being close to insecure countries such as Israel, Afghanistan and … In this region, Iran is one of the safest countries in the world because of its high capabilities in security and Information. You can check the statistics of terrorist attacks that occurred to make yourself sure about this. In terms of the number of terrorist incidents in 2016, Iran has a better position with 10 terrorist incidents than countries such as Italy, Germany, France, UK, USA and others. Of course, many Western media and governments try to show off Iran as an insurance country.

Security in Iran

Some media confessions to Iranian security

Australian Television Channel 4 recently announced that two international risk-control institutions and International SOS introduced Iran as one of the safest countries in the world for tourists in their evaluation for year 2019.

The Australian media has emphasized in its report: Iran’s security has been assessed by the reports of these international institutions in the same level with Australia, America, Canada, China and European countries. The Independent also said in its report: Iran’s security has been assessed at European, US, Canadian and Australian levels. It is interesting to know that in terms of the number of premeditated murders, Iran is better than other countries such as the US, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Security for women and girls

Due to the rich Iranian and Islamic culture, the Iranian’s women have a high status. and women have always had a special respect and privilege among Iranians. Women and girls in Iran conduct many activities with men freely, with no particular restrictions (in accordance with national and religious laws). In Iranian society, women are always involved in politics, sports, science, industry, literature, and so on. Many Iranian girls are sport champions and medal contenders in various sports. There are many women working in the office, public and private organizations and companies.

Rape and sexual assault in Iran are much lower than in countries such as Sweden, the United States, Germany, Canada and many other countries. Mental and physical injuries of sexual topics are also less common. This has made Iran one of the best destinations for family trips. In the cities of Iran, you can walk the streets freely, enjoy or shop at all hours of the day, and enjoy your trip with ease and safety. The rate of theft in Iran is lower than in many countries such as Japan, Canada, the US and others. Of course, the basics are always recommended.

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Security in Iran
Security in Iran