Kalut Shahdad of Kerman in Lut Desert is one of the most beautiful and unique natural attractions of Iran and the world. The Kaluts of Shahdad Kerman are among the most beautiful Kaluts in the world that attract many tourists every year. This area, also known as the “Imaginary City of kaluts”, has been selected by National Geographic Magazine as the world’s fourth natural attraction.


Structure of Kalut Shahdad

Large kaluts in this area are the result of water-wind erosion and small Kaluts are formed by wind erosion. This strange and enchanting natural shape and image resembles ancient structures in ancient cities that sometimes resemble ghost cities. Perhaps the Kalut of Shahdad can be called a giant sandy city in the heart of the desert, which reminds us of the glory and greatness of the natural elements with its amazing images and sculptures.


Kalut Shahdad in Kerman province is 20,000 years old and covers an area of 11,000 square kilometers. Weather conditions in the fall provide the best time to visit the area.

Triple areas of kalut Shahdad

Green area: This area, which is shown in green, extends about 2 km from the Shahdad-Nehbandan road and is visible to tourists. If you do not intend to travel professionally and go to the heart of the deserts of this region, the green zone license is enough for you.

Orange and red area: Forbidden area! The two Orange and Red areas start right after the Green Zone, and it is not possible to go to these areas without the necessary guidance and coordination with the relevant agencies. Due to the difficulty in identifying the route, there is a high probability that tourists will get lost and stuck in this area.


Is it possible to stay in Kalut Shahdad?

Camps have been set up for those who want to stay close to Keloot Shahdad in Kerman so that travelers can easily get the amenities they need. The camp is the only desert camp in the Lut Desert, and has been built north and south among several clouds, and wind and sandstorms do not harm it.


Cost and time table to visit Kalut Shahdad

Ticket price: Free

Opening hours: Free

English and Farsi address of Kalut Shahdad

Kalut Shahdad, Shahdad road, Sirch road, old road of Kerman-Bam, Kerman

کرمان، جاده قدیم کرمان-بم، جاده سیرچ، جاده شهداد، کلوت شهداد


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