Borujerdi Ancient House of Kashan Cultural Heritage Management Department (Khan-e Borujerdi)

The ancient house of Borujerdi, built about 130 years ago, the homeowner is a famous businessman in Natanz named Haji Sayed Jafar Borujerdi. He specializes in the wholesale of goods in Lorestan. The inscription on the building clearly states that the completion time is the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar in 1293 (1876). It took dozens of workers, painters and architects to build it for 18 years.

The house was built in 1857 by architect Ustad Ali Maryam, for the bride of Haji Mehdi Borujerdui, a wealthy merchant. The bride came from the affluent Tabatabaei family, for whom Ustad Ali had built the Tabatabaei House some years earlier

Building of Borujerdi Ancient House

Visitors enter a wide rectangular courtyard through a main entrance colonnade and a narrow corridor for reception, concierge and residence halls and rooms are distributed around the courtyard. An appropriate proportion of space and well-designed wind tower commensurate with the building, especially the paintings of the famous Iranian painter Saniol Molk Jaffari add to the art of the old house. Atmosphere.


Cost and time table to visit Borujerdi Ancient House

Ticket price: 200000 Rials
Opening hours: 8:00 – 17:00

English and Farsi address of Borujerdi Ancient House

Alavi street, Kashan, Esfahan, BorujerdiAncient House

استان اصفهان، کاشان، خیابان علوی، خانه بروجردی


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