Sarein Ardabil hot springs with 118 acidic springs with medical properties are The best hot springs in West Asia that are visited by many Iranian and foreign tourists annually. Due to its geographical location, Iran has excellent capabilities in the field of medical tourism, and every year many people from neighboring countries travel to Iran for sludge therapy and use of natural hot springs. The beautiful and touristic city of Sarein, located 25 km from Ardabil, is considered one of the most important therapy tourist attractions in Iran. Sarein hot springs are one of the most important reasons for tourism development in Ardabil region.

In the following, Sarein Hydrotherapy complexes, which have been welcomed by domestic and foreign tourists, will be introduced to you.

 Sabalan Sarein Hot Spring

Sabalan hot water is the most famous hydrotherapy complex in Sarein, in most parts of which spring water is transferred to indoor pools. This hot water complex has special facilities such as single baths, medical staff and skin and other diseases consultant, Jacuzzi and dry sauna, special section for women and bath. Sabalan Sarein Hydrotherapy and Hot Water Complex is known as the largest and best hydrotherapy complex in West Asia and the Middle East and so far, has attracted many foreign tourists.

 Qarasu Sarein Hot Water

The spring of Sarein Hydrotherapy and Hot Water Complex is boiling at a temperature of 44 degrees Celsius all days of the year and is one of the hottest springs. The water of this spring is colorless and odorless and scientists have found minerals such as sulfate, magnesium, chloride, anion and cation in it. Qarasu spring water is the best choice for treatment of neurological problems, mental illnesses and joint pains.

 Gozsui Sarein hot spring

This spring has a lower temperature than other hot springs in Ardabil and the water temperature in it reaches 21 degrees Celsius, Gozsui, has carbonic properties and is excellent for treating eye diseases.

General Sarein hot spring

This spring is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level and with a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius is one of the hottest hot springs. The reason for naming it is that during World War II, a Russian general was wounded. He takes refuge in this spring and the wounds of this person are miraculously get treated with the water of this spring. The Health benefits of these springs are suitable for the treatment of joint and bone diseases.

Gavmish Galy hot spring

Sarein Gavmish Galy spring is another Sarein hot spring in Ardabil, which also bears the title of the largest and most water-rich Sarein hot spring. The water temperature in this boiling spring reaches 46 degrees Celsius and has properties such as chloride, Bicarbonate and calcium. It is interesting to know that the pool in this part of Sarein with a depth of 132 meters is the deepest outdoor hot water pool in the Middle East and in this respect is one of the most famous and busiest hot springs in Iran. The Health benefits of this spring are more useful for the treatment of rheumatic diseases, gynecological and skin diseases

 Pahnloo Sarein hot spring

Another Sarein hot spring in Ardabil is Panhloo hot spring. The water temperature in this spring reaches 43 degrees Celsius and in terms of width, this spring is the widest Sarein hot spring and its water color tends to be green.

 Arjestan mineral water and hot spring

This spring is famous for producing the best natural mineral water in Iran. Mess kou mineral water is located in a village called Arjestan, 21 km west of Ardabil, and the water temperature in this region reaches 15 degrees Celsius. In addition to using Arjestan Spa, you can also buy Mess kou mineral water for yourself.

 Sari Su Sarein hot spring

In Azeri language, Sari means yellow and the reason for naming it is the yellow color of the water of this hot spring. This spring has a sour water and has minerals such as calcium; Magnesium, potassium and sulfate are useful for treating diseases such as rheumatic pain, muscle cramps and bone pain in all areas of the body.

Aftab city Sarein hydrotherapy complex

One of the most modern parts of Sarein hot spring is Aftab Sarein hydrotherapy complex, which is equipped with 4 floors. On the first floor of this complex, there is a large and small swimming pool for adults and children, as well as individual baths, hot showers. And cold water, dry sauna and steam, Jacuzzi.

Hot springs of Iranians Sarein

Another hot spring of Ardabil Sarein is Sarein Iranian hot spring, which has the largest hot water pools and facilities such as dry and steam sauna, Jacuzzi, children’s pool, restaurant, coffee shop, bath and gym.
Due to the cool climate of Ardabil, it is better to plan your trip between May and September of each year for bathing and swimming in these springs.


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