In the Mashhad International Exhibition of Electricity, Electronics, Equipment and Affiliated Industries, 72 producers in the form of 65 booths in an area of ​​2,400 square meters exposed their products and products in the field of electricity, electronic and affiliated industries.

In this exhibition, in addition to domestic manufacturers, 18 foreign producers  from 11 countries were present such as Italy, South Korea, Germany, China, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Taiwan, Switzerland, Austria and China.

Exhibitors of Mashhad exhibition of electricity

  • production, distribution and transmission of electricity
  • power boards (weak and strong)
  • switches
  • sockets
  • lighting and consumables
  • all types of lamps
  • wires and cables
  • diesel generators
  • batteries
  • solar and  renewable energy
  • Transformer
  • power electrical engineering
  • electrical equipment
  • lighting engineering,
  • wiring and accessories couplings,
  • automation
  • energy utilization

12 workshops affiliated to international exhibition of electricity, electronic, equipment and affiliated industries will be held and awarded licenses to the participating units at the end of the course.

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