International Exhibition of Precious Metals Industry Gold, Precious Stones, Watches, Machines and Related Equipment Introducing some of the manufacturing, exporting and service capabilities of the Precious Metals, Gold, Precious Stones sectors that in addition to domestic markets, in international markets Have been present.

The exhibition will take place while it has many goals in mind. Objectives such as familiarizing manufacturers and exporters and service providers with new products, machinery, technologies and technologies in the gold industry, jewelery and precious stones, introducing manufactured products and domestic technologies, accessing domestic and foreign consumer preferences, and competing in production, export and services. And introduction to the gold, jewelry and precious stones industry.

Domestic participants also work in the subgroups of machinery, tools, gold, jewelery, silver, ornamental stones, precious stones, paving, equipment and related industries, and related scientific-educational activities.

In the eleventh period of the exhibition, in 1396, in a total of 9500 square meters of exhibition space was attended representatives from Italy, Turkey, Germany and Japan

Iran is one of the main centers of the world jewelry industry. Isfahan, meanwhile, holds the title of Iran’s gold capital.

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